December Trail Party - Oil Well Flats

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December Trail Party - Oil Well Flats

I love getting on my bike solo and pushing my own limits without worry of embarrassment from the rock that throws me OTB, or getting so competitive it looks like I am riding a Pogo stick.  BUT, there is always something to be said about riding in a group with amazing people - new and familiar.  Those people might push different limits than you set for yourself.  They might encourage you to hit a drop you keep stalling at.  They might even tell you to just chill the f*ck out, because seriousness isn't always necessary. 

Ride Atire Trail Parties gather people that say and do all those things.  This month marked our 3rd ride since the Intermediate/Advanced Trail Parties were established.  Ride Atire brought everyone down to Canon City, CO to hit the Oil Wells Flats.  After each scene of my own, personal Shit-Show (yes, I attempted to close the garage on the Jeep), the day could not have been better!

Intersection stop Anticline to Tectonic Ride Atire Trail Party

After a few hiccups - that I won't specify - with switching out my rear tire to my delightful Carbon Mach 6 "loaner" bike (thanks Kip), we were able to get on the road to Canon City with a nice caravan of Partiers.  Yapping my head off, I missed our turn.  Yeah, the one I have taken at least three times before.  Texts and calls rolled in from the crew behind me asking, "WTF?" (Hey - you guys still followed).  We found the nice scenic route around the city that took us on a one-way, paved, high-in-the-sky, consequence to either side, road.  Sure, it added about 20 minutes, but those are some of the extras you get with Ride Atire ;)

After arriving to the parking lot to find MORE partiers waitin' with their stallions finely tuned and ready to go, we spontaneously updated our planned route, and ride leader (Jordyn, you rocked it).  This is what our ride looked like if you feel like giving it a go:


Party Time: 2 hrs 55 min (it was a party, not a race)

Party Distance: ~ 12 miles

Weather: Damn near perfect

  • From main lot, Fracture up to Unconformity
  • Climb Unconformity, take right at double-wide
  • Hit the fork and go left to climb Island in the Sky (it's a fun climb)
  • GO DOWN south side of Island in the Sky (yippy, skippy!)
  • Hook a left onto Fire Canyon and hit Anticline
  • Finish off on Tectonic Shift and go get some pizza and a beer at Pizza Madness (TIP: get a pitcher of beer... it's $10, versus $4 for a pint!)

Ride Atire pizza and beer after trail party, Ben and Justin

Thanks to everyone that showed up; it was a BLAST!  Now... where to for January?

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