This is just the beginning...

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This is just the beginning...

Hey friends,

Pre-order for the first ever Ride Atire GNARnia tshirt are over.  Thank you to all of you who took a chance and participated! This is the time when we will be perfecting those shirts, and if you placed an order, we are doing our best to stick to our estimated ship date of September 11th, 2017. Not only are we going to be offering a few more of that zesty Black/Red color combo, but we will be adding two new ones to the mix (remember that poll you voted in?).  NO - you won't have to pre-order these ones!  Inventory is becoming our new best friend ;) 

Not only will the GNARnia collection be growing, but keep your eyes peeled for some graphic additions to the Ride Atire products.  We have a feeling you won't be disappointed.  They will still be those super rad hemp blend tshirts, but with wicked cool shit on the front of 'em.

We are new to this whole blog thing, but we hope this specific one finds you well with updates to Ride Atire.  We will progress, and and get out of the "grom" realm of writing: what to write, who to write it to, what you want to see - all that jazz.

In the mean time, check out our buddy Ben on his 2018 Specialized Stumpy!  It's a sweet 29er with some literal bells & whistles. 


Check out the entire collection:

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  • Shaun D.

    I’m proud of you for getting after it Kayla!

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