So, Park City...

Park City -

So, Park City...

Park City, UT is located just over 30 miles east of Salt Lake City smack-dab in the middle of the Wasatch Mountains. Incorporated in 1884, the city took off with the silver mining industry and its population boomed, reaching over 5,000 residents. Through unfortunate natural disasters and a slowing mining industry, Park City nearly floundered; miners found themselves out of work. At the time, interest in skiing was on the rise and in 1946, Park City's first ski lift was introduced. Now, tucked away in the mountains of Summit County, Park City is home to three massive ski resorts within a five-mile radius: Deer Valley, Park City and Canyons, plus options on the flip side (ever heard of Brighton or Alta, perhaps?). What's more - and most important - Park City alone packs in over 400 miles of trails fielding a large variety of terrain for the dry seasons.  We escaped home ourselves to check out some of the most popular trails and seasonal weekend events that Park City has to offer!

Park City Mountain Pinecone Trail


Park City's Main Street hosts the Park Silly Sunday Market, which lasts an approximate two months during the summer.  We found everything from homemade fruit jams and unique jewelry, to fun dog toys made of recycled climbing rope!


Riding Day 1: Starting at the top of Guardsman Pass, catch the Scotts Bypass to Wasatch Crest (a.k.a. Puke Hill - no joke) to cruise down the infamous Pinecone Trail.  After some of the most epic flows, we hit Mid Mountain and finished on Spiro.  Nice PC trail introduction!

Pinecone Trail Park City, UT Ride Atire


Riding Day 2: Got the local insight to the Wasatch Over Wasatch (WOW) Trail; this trail head starts off of Pine Canyon Drive - a split from Guardsmans Pass - and ends near Midway, UT.  WOW offers a nice flow through the first half to meet baby scree and cutbacks on the latter half!  Who needs packed berms anyways...

WOW Trail Park City, UT Ride Atire


Keep those toes cozy downtown and on the trails:

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