Why Hemp Kicks Ass.

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Why Hemp Kicks Ass.

What do you normally ride in: A cotton T shirt, polyester jersey, wool... perhaps you only ride in your chamois, or even nothing at all?  You are here, on our website, clicking around.  Why would you invest in something you plan to wear bar-hopping - or better yet, crushing the trails, that seems weird AF, and, let's face it, has little social proof. 

We get it, we really do.  SO, sit back, throw up your feet and crack open a cold brewskie while we fill you in on why hemp kicks serious ass.  (*NOTE: We are talking about industrial hemp, which is the male counterpart to marijuana.  So, unlike the lady plant, you can't smoke it.  Sorry, no mid-trail tokes from your sleeve.)


Brief, Uncomplicated History

Hemp has been used for industrial purposes for around 8,000 years, all over the world.  Fast forward to the 1930's in the United States market.  While hemp remains an extremely productive material in foreign markets, it went ahead and became illegal to grow in the U.S.; think propaganda and prohibition.  Almost a century later, hemp farming is back on U.S. soil (yes, legally).  There are approximately 33 states taking advantage of the "hemp research and pilot program" provision.  While people might think of it as revolutionary, trendy or even a little hippie-ish, reality is that it's damn ancient and there is something to be said about history repeating itself and all those smarty-pants from the past. 

(Was that brief enough?  Lemme know in the comments...)

For the Eco-Friendly Advocates

Hemp is a phytoremediation.  Go ahead, sound it out.  This means that it is a low cost, solar energy driven cleanup type of plant.  In other words we will just list out what it does for Ms. Mother Earth:

  • FIRSTLY, the seeds are super nutritious (Omega-6 & Omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Naturally prevents weed undergrowth (ironic, right?)
  • Feasts on the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, while producing the oxygen we need to survive
  • Deep root penetration = intense aeration of soil
  • Adds organic compost/nutrients to soil for future farming - hemp can grow in the same soil for up to 14 years!
  • Requires minimal irrigation... (cotton requires 50% or more water overall to grow)
  • Uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers
  • Hemp requires half the acreage of cotton to produce the same yield

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Hemp Products?

So, you might wonder what exactly hemp goes into.  Between the hemp seed itself and its wicked strong fibers, it pretty much goes into the same shit they used it for 8,000 years ago - though we may have perfected it some with our latest and greatest technologies.  it is suggested that there are currently over 25,000 products that utilize hemp.  Though I am not going to list all of those products, here are a few that might seem familiar to you:

Hygiene    Shampoo, bodywash/soaps (all sorts, but hello Dr. Bronner's), lotions, cremes, lip balms, mists (?), perfumes, gels, makeup, etc. 

Nutrition    The seeds themselves, hemp seed oil, milk, coffee, tea, granola... okay, basically the seed and the oil it produces.  Put it in stuff or eat it plain.  Why?  Because of the following benefits:

  • Helps to maintain hormonal balance
  • Great for skin's protective barrier
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Good for diabetics
  • Helps prevent psorisis
  • Boosts immunity
  • Helps keep the myelin in your nervous system in check
  • Can help to prevent varicose veins (JACKPOT!)

And, as we know... what you put on your skin is just as important as what goes into your mouth.  So either way, topical or ingested, the 8 Ball outlook on hemp's nutritious factors: Very Good.

"Industrial"    Ropes, paper (lots and lots of paper), building materials - popular substitute for wood, composites for automobiles, 3D printing, bio-fuels, obviously gardening/farming, plastics, oil spill cleanups, etc.

Apparel   Our favorite topic... sunglasses/ski goggles (yup), wallets, shoes, jackets, shorts, jeans, socks, flip flops (yeah, Rainbows, WINNING), of course T SHIRTS, etc.

So why WEAR hemp?  Well the most obvious reason is that it is super strong.  While spiders and sea snails take the lead in their manufacturing of fiber from their butts (?), hemp is a leading natural fiber in strength and durability... and it comes from the ground, not a butt.  Furthermore, it wicks moisture, dries pretty darn fast, is incredibly breathable, offers slight, natural UV protection and - most importantly - it is antimicrobial!  This means that unlike polyester (synthetic) which really loves breeding stinky body odor, hemp keeps you smelling and feeling fressshhh.  Now, there is nothing we can say about your naturally occurring stink.  But, rest assured your Ride Atire hemp blend T shirt won't exacerbate that issue.

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Wait... hemp blend?  Yes, we said hemp blend.  Most hemp based apparel items you will find are blended with another material, usually around 60/40.  Typically, this will be cotton ("organic"); indeed, polyester is a socially preferred blend as well (not Ride Atire's).  Hemp is blended to soften up and lighten up its texture. 

So, are 100% hemp shirts lame?  Are they itchy?  Heavy?  Nope, not lame.  They are even better.  While a little rough at first, they soften with each wear and wash.  Riding in a soft 100% hemp T would express your elite standing on Strava.  Remember those Rainbow Flip Flops?  Think brand new pair of blistery Rainbows (but without the actual blisters) turned heaven under your feet; that is where Ride Atire strives to go. 

Final Words

So, you have read through and gained a tid-bit of hemp knowledge and insight.  There is so much information out there on the World Wide Web, we just pulled together the facts we liked best.  But, do your own research if you feel so inclined.

Be it for arming your closet with more ride gear or a sweet casual top packed with benefits, Ride Atire's hemp blend T shirts are the tits.  Wear one proud and express your Life-Style.  Maybe grab a pair of wool socks and hat while you are at it, cause shipping is free over $50 ;-)

PS. Share this blog and all the goods you find with your buddies, and leave us some comments!  Happy riding...











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      While it’s true that only the female plants are worth smoking, hemp isn’t only the male marijuana (cannabis) plant, it’s a different strain of the enjoyable variety that contains small amounts of THC.

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